Rug & Carpet Cleaning of Peekskill
1 Park Pl, suite 34F
Peekskill, NY
24 hours
cash, check, all cc
Bacteria, allergens, and dirt can hide within your rug and if you have noticed that your rug smells off or it
looks dingy, it may be time for you to have it cleaned. We offer you the cheapest and best rug cleaning
services in Peekskill and your rug will be left spotless, odorless, and vibrant. Our goal is to preserve your
rug’s quality, beauty, and value at the same time.
Our rug specialists know how to handle your rugs properly and we take the time to transport them to our
facility in the safest manner. If you would like to have your rugs cleaned, call us today at 914-461-1961 .
We will come out to your home to provide you with a free estimate and complimentary consultation.
When you have your rug cleaned by our professionals, you will be happy to know that each rug is hand
washed. We never place the rugs through a machine and we spend time hand cleaning each one to
ensure the best results and to protect the delicate nature of the rug. Our professionals will perform any
needed tests on your rug to check for dye or color bleeding too. Our mission is to deliver a superior clean
and preserve your rug for many years to come.
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