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What's Inside Kratom Capsules?
Kratom, our favorite herb from the tropical wilds of SE Asian and African lands has
always been a subject of confusion and rumors. Amidst of all these confusions and
falsified talks, it has gained tremendous popularity. Around thousands of years back, it
was confined to the geographical boundaries of a few Asian countries only. It was not
kratom then. The natives used to call it 'keetum'.
As people began to progress in life, education and global trade, this herb too left its
known boundaries to make a mark in the other parts of the world. The kratom products
we see today are prepared from the leaves of these plants. However, there has been a
lengthy, meticulous procedure in between that has given it the familiar face that we can
From Leaves to Capsules
When it was initially shipped, most of the leaves decayed by the time it reached the
destination. It was terrible for the business. Hence, the vendors have to think something
revolutionary to cope up with the situation. Finally, the leaves were sundried and then
packed for the shipment. It extended the shelf-life of the herb without interfering with
its properties.
Many decades gone, for the utter convenience of the people, the kratom manufacturers
transformed the herb into several forms. One of the forms, which also happens to the
most popular one at the time of writing is Kratom Capsules. It has been prepared using
the dried kratom leaves only.
Kratom Capsules: What's Inside It?
Let's start from the beginning and tell you how the exact process runs.
Firstly, a vigilant team which is well-aware of the different strains and veins, handpicks
the good-quality leaves. They make sure that no two strain gets mixed up.
Secondly, the leaves are sorted again – this time to make sure there is no dried or rotten
leaf and stem in it.
Thirdly, the leaves are then treated with warm water for a couple of times to remove all
the dirt from the leaf. The best kratom vendors never treat it with any chemicals as they
want to keep all the essences intact.
Fourthly, the leaves are then spread on large dehydrating trays and dried. The drying
process again from one vendor to the another.
inside kratom capsule - 22-01-19 - Google Docs
Fifthly, once it is dry and crisp, the leaves are then ground into a fine powder. It is even
sieved through a fine mesh to ensure that there is no coarseness in it.
Finally, the powder is weighed and sealed in a capsules shell. The pills are then counted
and packed in specific quantity for you.
What's the Conclusion?
Kratom capsules have nothing but pure kratom powder inside. Yes, the powder is
encapsulated strain-wise for your ease. You will never have to fret about what it got
inside, as long as you are getting it from a reliable, reputed kratom manufacturer.
Often, they provide samples as well so that you can check the quality before spending a
significant amount on a bulk purchase. If you are confused thinking how to identify a
reliable one, try ordering Krave Kratom capsules! They have five different strains –
Maeng Da, Bali, Gold, White Thai, and Green Malay. They have kratom capsules sample
pack for only $4.99.
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