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Carpet Cleaning, Repair & Restoration Tuckahoe
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Gentle on the environment, but strong on quality, these eco-friendly, hard wearing,
stylish weaves are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the United
States. Cotton’s soft and supple fibers need organic cleaning products to keep the
material in the best possible shape. We offer not only organic cleaners, but also
green cleaning methods to keep your cotton rug and the environment at its best.
By calling us you will not only save time, money, and the energy of finding someone
who can actually care for your rug, but you will be saving your investment from bad
repairs and poorly developed cleaning processes.
When properly maintained, clean rugs can improve health, indoor air quality, and
filter the dust particles that float in the air. However, it’s important that you clean your
rug so that these irritants don’t continue to dull its look.
An Organic Clean for Your Cotton Rug. All of our products are organic and
environmentally-safe to protect not only your rug and the environment, but also your
children and pets.