why many travelers are visiting Myanmar

Why many travelers are visiting Myanmar
Myanmar is a country which is located at the Southeast Asian continent that is in Burma state. In case you are a
traveler who likes Buddhas then you must visit this country since it has thousands of them. The country has
slowly opened its doors to tourism due to its wonderful transport network, accommodation facilities not
forgetting its beautiful attraction sites.
If you have a tight budget, then you should search for cheap hotels in Myanmar so that you do not need to spend
a lot of money on staying there. In case you are visiting any sites which are nearby Inle Lake or Nyaung Shwe
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Nyaung Shwe hotel is that you can easily access majority of the tourist attraction sites in Myanmar. Another
benefit of staying at NyaungShwe hotel is that before you start your trip in Myanmar you may meet many
guests whom you will interact with. At the end you may get that you are heading to the same destination with
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Shwemawdaw Paya
This pagoda is located in Bago. This 1,000-year-old pagoda is also known as the Great Golden God due to its
glittering gold which covers it and can be seen from a far distance. Some of the glitter is due to the diamond
studded top. It’s the tallest building in Myanmar and is 375 ft tall. It’s very vital to Buddhist religion due to
various relics that it has. It also has smaller pagodas which are covered by gold.
Ananda temple
This is a beautiful Buddhist temple in Myanmar which was built in 1105 AD when king Kyanzittha was the
ruler of Pagan Dynasty. It’s one of the 4 temples in Began which exists up to date. It has 4 standing Buddhas
which facing directions. It was built I fusion of the Indian and Mon style of architecture. It’s also named as
Westminister Abbey of Burma.