Latest Web design Trends 2019

Latest Web design Trends 2019
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There are several things and trends related to web development that are changing continuously. Everything in
web development gets changed whether it is single page website, automated chat box, backgrounds or videos.
The new sets of updates are coming up this year 2019. Website Designer Dublin companies have analyzed few
important aspects n web design for this year.
Do you know which thing is more appropriate for you, website built up with unique and new features or a
normal one website which can be built up within a short span of time? In this article Website Design Ireland
Company is going to describe some unique, creative and most effective methods or trends for web development
of 2019. These methods shall help you a lot in building up the efficient and effective web design.
Single Page Websites
The scope of this single page websites is very high in the near future. Single page websites contain only
aparticular single page, so the issues related to the messed up stuff is not present with this kind of web design.
This single page website is very simple as no complication related to the navigation of the pages is available in
these types of websites. Features provided by single page websites are: Fewer scrolls are required, no page
navigation is there and most important it saves your lot of time due to the availability of complete information
on single page.
Mobile First Indexing
This is the most powerful feature specially build up for millennial generation. The numbers of desktop users are
decreasing rapidly due to the increment of mobile users which are increasing with agreat pace across the globe.
Hence it becomes very much important that before building up any website this thing should be kept in mind
that your website is mobile –friendly or not.
What is mobile first indexing? The starting point of the Google index is the mobile version of your website. If
you see the traffic on to your website using Google crawl bots then you find that the maximum traffic is from
the mobile platform.
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
The basic role of the AMP is to speed up the process by which the data reach to the users in the fastest way. If
you do click on some link then how much time you are expecting for opening up that link? It has to be few
seconds. Accelerated mobile pages help the websites to load in much less time which also helps in increasing
the user experience.
Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
Progressive Web application is the very important feature for the point of web design kit. With the help of this
feature your website design Ireland clients get a similar comfort level with that of your mobile also as they get
from the desktop.
Push Notifications
This feature helps your site to get at top rank. Also it helps you a lot in fetching up your clients but one thing
that website designer Dublin take care is that it can only happen when you use this feature wisely. Otherwise
you can lose your clients at the same pace.
Chat Boxes and Customer Support
Chat boxes are really important for retaining your clients for longer duration. In a study it is found that till the
year 2020 over 87% of the communication between clients and entrepreneurs shall take place through this