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Aminach Convertible Sofa
2252 E 17th St, Suite 140
Brooklyn, NY,11229
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Mon-Sat 11am - 7pm
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When shopping for a convertible bed in Brooklyn you don’t just want to order one that you think looks
nice. Unfortunately, with the popularity of online shopping, many people make the mistake of just
browsing an online store and purchasing one that they like the looks of and has good reviews. While
you may get lucky with this method, it often doesn’t work out the way you would like.
Relax on the Couch – Take some time to actually sit on the convertible bed while it is a couch. Sit on
each spot and even lay down on it to make sure it is comfortable. It is just as important to be
comfortable as a sofa as it is a bed.
Lay Down on the Bed – Just like the previous tip, take some time to lay on it while it is a bed. Lay in each
position, and if you are married, have your spouse lay on it too. This will help ensure that it is nice and
Before you make a purchase, you want to make sure you can convert it from a bed to a sofa and back
without any trouble. While still in the store, open and close it several times to ensure you don’t have
any trouble. If you can’t get the hang of it after a few times, you may want to look at a different model.
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