Different Stages Involved In A Building Construction Project

Different Stages Involved In A Building
Construction Project
When you have decided to build a house, you will also have to choose a builder or
Moulding installation Lanlgey to handle the work. This may be a project builder
or a contract builder. Whichever you choose to use, they will still have to go
through the same process before the house is completed. As the homeowner,
you may be eager to have your house built and ready in very little time.
However, there are different steps that will have to be followed by a builder like
diamond builders before the house is completed. Such processes may require
waiting times which to you the owner may seem like the builder is stalling the
project. However, if you do have an idea of what the construction process entails,
you will be more understanding when you realize things are not going as planned.
In this article, we give a brief overview of the different processes that have to be
traversed before a house is completed.
Approval stage
A house construction project will not start until the best Finishing Company Delta
has obtained the necessary authorization from the relevant building authority.
Depending on where the house is to be built, there may be requirements for the
house plan to be officially approved. Also, some places may require approval from
the water authority of the area. Once the building contract is signed, the builder
and homeowner have at most 45 days to get the permit to build.
Project Initiation Stage
Before the chosen contractor goes on to start building, the homeowner will have
a meeting with Baseboards installation surey professional to go over certain
details of the house. This may include looking at requirements for fittings, tiles,
paints and other house structures. For the homeowner, this is the time to make
changes to the contract if any. Waiting until construction begins may be very
Construction Stage
Immediately construction begins, the homeowner may not have much input. In
fact, all they can do is to check from time to time that the house is being built to
specifications and that timelines are being respected. It is not right for the
homeowner to talk to the handy men called by the contractor to do the work. If
they have any issues, they should take it up with the contractor. As a homeowner,
keep a tab on what is happening by having meetings with the Baseboards
installation Lanlgey professional and recording down everything that was said. If
you don’t have the required expertise to check that work is going as plan, hire an
independent consultant to help.
Completion Stage
This is the stage where the house is ready to be used. The owner will have to
bring an inspection team to carry out an inspection that will be based on the
agreed terms and conditions. Any
noticed defects should be pointed and
corrected before you move in.
Handover stage
A few days after completion stage, the
homeowner should be able to move
in. This is the stage where they are
handed the keys, and they receive any
documents to the house including warranties.