Manhattan Foot Specialists

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Manhattan Foot Specialists
55 W. 17th Street, STE 106
New York, NY 10011
Category: Medical Clinic
Mon-Thur 8am - 7pm
Fri - 8am - 5pm
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Manhattan Foot Specialists is a state of the art podiatry facility in New York City offering the latest and
most effective treatments in foot care to our patients. We offer advanced techniques in diagnosing and
treating the podiatric conditions listed below. Our NYC podiatrists are using advanced techniques
including Restylane in the foot as a method of coping with pressure related forefoot pain. Our podiatry
clinic features state-of the art diagnostic facilities, and our staff offers expertise in general podiatry health
care. The most common procedures in our office are: Hammer Toes Surgery, Bunion Surgery, Achilles
Tendon Surgery, Corn Removal Surgery and Plantar Fasciitis Surgery.
Your feet are intricate networks of tendons, nerves, bones and muscles. To an NYC podiatrist, the foot is
a marvel of human machinery that requires its very own specialty to treat. Your feet serve so many
important functions — from standing to walking, running, balancing and kicking.
Your feet have to be strong enough to carry your full weight and sensitive enough to tell you when
you’ve stepped on something that could harm you. As the furthest appendage from your heart, your feet
are prone to a wide range of problems and are sometimes slower to heal.
Foot pain can have many causes. All symptoms should always be discussed with your podiatrist after a
thorough consultation and examination for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to exclude any
underlying serious condition.
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