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The City by the Bay, Perth Amboy, sits directly across from StatenIsland with easy access into the New
York City and the surroundingboroughs. It is predominately Hispanic with a long history ofimmigration
and developing ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Itsdirect access, via train, to Manhattan, and its
reasonable housingprices help to draw attention for future revitalization efforts andcontinued
improvements, especially on the waterfront.
Victims of pedestrian accidents need experienced representation. Ourlawyers are here to help. Whether
you are in town on business orpleasure or commuting to-and-from home and work, accidents can
occuranywhere, at anytime. When accidents do happen you can trustProsmushkin&Tsirkin Trial Lawyers
to represent you, your loved ones,and your passengers in the pursuit of truth, justice, and
thecompensation you deserve. Our team of lawyers and legal staff areexperts in personal injury law in
the great state of New Jersey,understanding the intricacies of state laws pertaining to victimrights.
Our focus is our clients. After the initial consultation our lawyerswill review your case and make an
educated estimated on thecompensation you should seek to cover damages, injuries, loss or
work,rehabilitation, and pain and suffering. We can’t change the course ofhistory, but we can seek a
legal remedy to help ease the pain andsuffering.
Your loss is our loss. We want to see justice served. The mental,physical, and emotional toll from an
accident and injury can beimmense. Our loyal and dedicated attorneys seek the financial reliefyou
deserve after an accident that was no fault of your own.