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Even if you’re not required to have a primary care provider, having one is still a wise
choice. Having a single doctor familiar with you and your individual needs is an important
part of maintaining your long-term health. PCPs are concerned doctors with whom you
can develop a lasting relationship.
Primary care physicians get to know you. They become acquainted with your body’s
workings in sickness and in health. They can treat your family and loved ones for years to
come. A good primary care physician is invaluable for prolonging your health and quality
of life.
Today, many insurance plans require that you have a primary care provider. Your
insurance plan comes with a list of already approved, in-network primary care physicians.
You can choose one or be assigned one. In this capacity, your primary care provider is the
doctor who provides access to the other services included in your health plan. Generally,
you aren’t permitted to see a specialist or receive physical therapy unless your primary
care provider refers you to one.
Dr. Roya Fathollahi is a board certified Internist and Primary Care Physician, whose areas
of interest include preventive medicine, management of hypertension, diabetes, lipid
disorders, HIV Management, as well as the management of dizziness.
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