Redcliffe Removals - Removalists Nightmare Stories – How to Avoid Being One of Them

Removalists Nightmare Stories – How to Avoid Being One of Them
There is no such thing as a smooth move. You need to be prepared for the worst when moving from one
property to another. The chances of something bad happening increase if you are planning an interstate move.
Even if you are moving yourself or have hired an interstate removalist, there is always a chance of something
going wrong. From some people, interstate moves can turn into a straight-up nightmare. If you want to avoid
being a victim then you need to plan the move as thoroughly as possible and try to learn from the mistakes of
others. Here are some real-life removalists’ nightmare stories and tips on how to avoid them.
Long Delays in Shipment
Interstate moves are almost impossible to complete without hiring an interstate removalist. This is what Sydney
resident, Ryan Hart, thought when he moved to Sydney from Melbourne. However, the removalist he hired
wasn’t able to ship his belongings to his new home on time. It took the company around 3 months to get the
items shipped. The lesson to learn here is that interstate removals need to be hired very carefully. You should
always make sure that the moving company you are hiring is capable of completing the interstate move on time.
Broken Items during Transit
One of the most prominent risks involved in interstate moves is of items getting broken during transit. Gina
Thomas had to endure this nightmare during her long-awaited move from Adelaide to Perth. Her removalist
shipped her items on time but most of them were found broken upon arrival. What’s more, since the moving
company wasn’t insured, they didn’t even pay her for her damages. If you don’t want to end up suffering this
same nightmare then do check that your interstate removals are insured.
Multiple Trips
The worst thing that can happen during an interstate move is that it takes you multiple trips to move all your
stuff. This exact thing happened to Julia Rye of Brisbane. She was moving from Hobart and her interstate
removalist came with a smaller truck on the day of the move. Her move was completed in two trips just because
the removalist wasn’t informed regarding the number of items that were to be shipped. If you want to avoid this
mishap, make sure that your interstate removals know how big a truck they need to bring for shipping all your
items in a single trip.
Redcliffe Removals is a trusted name in the moving business in Australia. Call us if you want to avoid mishaps
during your interstate move.