How Do I Reset The Keypad Of My

 If you are dealing with the malfunctioning of the
keypad of your Toshiba laptop which means the keys
of your system are not working properly then don’t
worry as this problem can be solved by resetting the
keyboard. You just have to follow below given
guidelines provided by our support
 • Firstly, click on the start button on your desktop and
then type device manager in the search field and press
enter. It will allow you to reset hardware on your
laptop. If you can’t able to type because of your
keyboard, then you have to scroll down to the windows
folder and then click on the control panel.
 • Then you have to select ‘view by’ option and then
click on ‘large icons’ from the available options.
 • Then click on the ‘device manager’ option and then
scroll down the screen to expand the keyboard section.
 • Now you have to select ‘^’ icon located on the left side
of the keypad heading and then you will see a dropdown list of the currently connected keyboard.
 • Then you have to select the typing board which you
want to reset and then click on the ‘uninstall’ icon.
 • When prompted, then tap on yes button and it will
delete the keyboard from the device manager.
 • Then you have to go to the ‘search for updates’ option
which looks like a computer screen located on the topright of the window.
Then select the keypad name again and then you
have to click on ‘update drivers’ button.
Now go to the ‘search automatically for updated
driver software’ option and it will show you the latest
available updates.
The available updates will install automatically
and after that, click on close button.
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