Repair Automotive Excellence NY

Repair Automotive Excellence NY
50 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
mon - Fri 9am – 5pm
cash, check
For people who love cars and trucks, nothing is more exciting than helping them look and perform their
best except, fo course, getting paid to do it. If you want to develop the skills you need to pursue a career
in the Automotive and Diesel Institute is the education center for Automotive, Diesel, and Auto-body
technology. Students train at NeYADI to become Master Certified Automotive and Truck & Diesel
Technicians or Master Certified Collision Repair Tchnicians.
We believe that academic excellence combined with quality hands on vocational/technical training help
to provide each student with the essential "tools of the trade." Graduates of NY certification program
possess the skills necessary to effectively diagnose and service specialized automotive, heavy duty truck,
and diesel systems. Students are prepared to meet the requirements of an ever-changing market,
enhancing the graduates' technical skill and employment potential.
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