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Corner of Sturt St and Windsor Place, Ashmore , Australia
Founders Welcome
About Us
Welcome to our Little Scholars School of Early Learning
website. My last 18 years of hands on experience in the
Early Childhood and Education sector has allowed me
to create something special, Little Scholars School of
Early Learning.
Importance of communication
and strong relationships
Unlike childcare centres which are owned by a
corporation or investment firm, we’re not focused on
profits. Our goal is to provide exciting experiences and
activities for your child to learn through play. Little
Scholars was founded and is run by Jae Fraser, a former
president of Australia Childcare Alliance Queensland
and currently on its board.
More importantly, Jae is a qualified teacher with over 18
years’ industry experience. His many years working
directly with children fuels his passion for giving them
the very best environment to learn and grow.
Our passionate Teachers
"Much educational research focuses on the
importance of the teacher in assisting
children to achieve and grow. We invest in
our greatest resources – the people. We
encourage professional excellence in all
staff. Teachers who are the leaders in their
field, committed to their purpose of
educating young people, and who are
genuinely passionate about their work.
Centres of excellence
We strive for all at Little Scholars to be the
best they can be. Little Scholars School of
Early Learning has always recognised and
embraced digital technologies as an
important educational tool and equally the
Natural learning environment is an integral
piece of our journey to preparing children
for life.
 Come and experience the difference, the best in
childcare is Little Scholars. Preparing your children for
a lifetime of learning, Little Scholars is setting the
standard in childcare. The moment you and your child
walk through the doors at Little Scholars, your
perception of childcare will change forever.
 Our family owned and operated boutique centres in
Ashmore, Deception Bay, Redland Bay, Yatala, Nerang
and Stapylton offer quality care and education from
birth to school age at affordable rates. Our skilled
educators and premium facilities aim to meet the needs
of every Little Scholar.
All of the Little Scholars Schools of Early
Learning offer:
Conveniently open Monday to Friday from 6:00 am
to 6:30* pm – 52 weeks of the year
Free Courtesy Bus service - pick up/drop off to
home, school or work included in your daily fee.
Three course meals provided by on site chef and
our menu is endorsed by Nutrition Australia
Nappies provided and included in daily fee
Weekly Music, Yoga and Sport lessons included
Cooking classes and language lessons included
each week
Tertiary Qualified and caring early childhood
A specialised, government
approved Kindergarten program with a
bachelor qualified teacher preparing children for
school and beyond
Hair Dressing service to save you the hassle of
hair cuts.
Our Extra curricular programs at
Little Scholars
Why we offer extra curricular activities...
Our philosophy as an Early Education provider is to raise
the standard of what parents, educators and children
expect from childcare and Early Education.
The Little Scholars early learning curriculum allows each
child to experience a world of creative engagement
through movement, play and physical activities. Our
extracurricular programs are a key focus at Little Scholars
and all activities are conducted by specialist teachers and
professionals children expect from childcare and Early
Government Approved
Kindergarten Program
Little Scholars School of Early Learning offers a Government
Approved quality kindergarten program and believes that this is
the foundation of early childhood education and prepares
children for school. We have been assessed and certified by the
Queensland Government to ensure all Little Scholars children
receive a consistent, quality education and are ready for the
transition to formal schooling.
What will my child
Little Scholars School of Early Learning’s
approved kindergarten program develop
your child's physical, social, intellectual,
language and emotional abilities.
Your child will take part in individual and
group activities such as block play, painting,
games, puzzles, storytelling, dress-ups,
dancing and singing.
Children can take part in outdoor physical
activities and interact with the natural
Little Scholars School of Early Learning’s
approved kindergarten program based on
the Queensland Kindergarten Learning
 Using the Early Years Learning Framework educators will observe your
child’s learning so they can build on it and plan the next steps. They will
do this by listening, watching and talking to your child.
 Each child will have their own portfolio or collection of learning. This
may contain photos and children’s work to show what your child is
learning. This learning journey is available for you to view at any time.
 Your Little Scholars classroom will also show on-going learning through
daily journals/books, photographs, project work, learning stories and a
program documenting the day’s progress
 As part of our commitment to providing your child the best early
learning experience, we're proud to announce Little Scholars will be
using Kindyhub.
 Kindyhub is a communication tool, allowing us to easily share your
child's experience with you. Our educators capture your child's
achievements throughout the day via Kindyhub with photos, notes and
stories. Kindyhub saves us time, in-turn allowing us to spend more time
with your child.
 Thanks to Kindyhub we have our very own Little Scholars
App available from the iTunes store.
Corner of Sturt St and Windsor Place, Ashmore , 4214
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