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We use PRP therapy (platelet-rich therapy) which takes advantage of the natural healing properties of
the blood in order to fix damaged bone, cartilage, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Stem cell therapy
uses stem cells in an effort to prevent and treat diseases and various health conditions. We are proud to
provide effective options and to have the best Doctor for PRP therapy and stem cell injections in
NYC.We strive to be the absolute best stem cell clinic in New York City. If you are suffering with
rheumatoid arthritis, gout, diabetes or something else, you might be living a more sedentary lifestyle.
While being inactive might feel good temporarily, the problems it can lead to just aren’t worth it –
obesity, stroke, hypertension and heart attacks can be the outcome of remaining mostly inactive. But if
you are suffering with joint pain, swelling and discomfort, then it might be easier said than done to “get
moving.” The use of effective treatment like stem cell therapy and PRP injections can help in terms of
quality of life for our patients. We’re a top clinic for stem cell injections in New York, that cares about
our patients. We often have patients ask us just what a PRP injection or a stem cell injection is. PRP
therapy is a specialized treatment option that works to heal your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The
healing process is reduced in time as this method uses the body’s own blood to stimulate the tissues and
start the healing process.Stem cell injections are a bit different and they focus on regenerative cellbased therapy, which is often used in cases where the patient has an inflammatory disease such as
arthritis or tendonitis. Typically, patients will receive stem cell injections when PRP therapy does not
work for them. Improve your health with PRP and stem cell injections today.If you are suffering from
arthritis of any type, you are likely in pain and you are looking for a treatment that will work for you.
Arthritis can be very painful, and it can cause you to want to pull your hair out some days, but it helps to
know that you do not have to feel this way. In fact, at Stem Cell and PRP Injections, you will find that we
offer alternative treatment options for your arthritis. We offer arthritis treatment in NYC that will help
you feel better.When it comes to osteoarthritis, people generally complain about joint pain in areas
such as the hip, lower back, neck, knee and hands. The pain can seem to worsen depending on different
weather conditions. One might feel a sense of stiffness, swelling or even tenderness. Joint deformity can
also occur. If you notice that you have a problem with stiffness or pain after sitting or relaxing for a
prolonged period of time, or if you notice pain first thing in the morning, you might have osteoarthritis.
Joints which are affected tend to become swollen. Having a limited range of motion can end up causing
a great deal of discomfort and frustration. Swelling or pain in the feet can make it difficult to stay active.
This is where Dr. Petrychenko at Stem Cell and PRP Injections comes in. We are a local stem cell clinic in
NYC that is able to offer stem cell and PRP injections that can improve symptoms of osteoarthritis.