How To Fix The Display Issue On The

Your Dell laptop might face the display issue
which is normally caused by the LCD panel or
video settings. The prodrome that indicates
the user about the display issues on their
laptop are the black screen, color fade,
blinking screen, black or white lines, patches or
touch screen related issues and much more. To
know more about it and to solve this menace,
follow the points mentioned below:
1. Look for a physical damage:
Firstly, check whether there is any damage on
the screen of your laptop. If there is any
physical damage on your Dell laptop, contact
the experts for the best solution.
2. Run Hardware diagnostics:
•Turn off your Dell laptop and unplug AC power
cable and other connected devices.
•Clean the screen of your laptop with a cotton
cloth or appropriate cloth which can remove its
dust easily.
•Press D key with the power button and enable
the built-in self-test mode. Press D key
continues until the screen color change.
•Then press Esc to exit.
3. Update the Microsoft Windows:
• Go to the start menu and search for
settings button.
• Once you click on it select ‘Update and
Security’ and from the left pa
•Select ‘Check for updates’ which is on the
right side of the panel.
•After the download and installation is
complete restart your device and checks for
the problem.
If the issue is still persisting, follow the next
step as well.
4. Enable the System Restore:
•On the desktop, click on the search bar and
enter ‘Control Panel.
•When you click on the control panel, look for
the ‘Recovery’ tab and select Open System
Restore and tap on the Next button.
•Now choose the restore button as per the
issue and click Next and finish.
Hope this problem has been solved. If not,
call us at our toll-free Dell Laptop Customer
support Number and ask the experts to assist
you. You can also reach us through live chat
or email us as per your convenience and avail
our services when required.
If You have any query regarding laptop and
computer make a call at Dell Support Canada.
Helpline Number +1778-806-1736.
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