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How To Troubleshoot When Your AVG
Antivirus is Not Updating
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Troubleshoot When Your AVG Antivirus is Not Updating?
Having the issue with the antivirus? You've landed at
the right place here are experts will guide you as well as
provide you the services in order to troubleshoot the
To solve the issue we recommend you to download PC
Repair Tool and fix the error. In some cases, this tool
helps the user to troubleshoot the error. If this won’t
help you don’t worry, follow another method to fix the
Manually Update The Antivirus:
➢ Browse the internet and update your antivirus, well,
this will not solve your problem but give you a
temporary solution and at least you might get the
software updated.
➢ To do so open any browser and search for AVG free
antivirus download.
➢ Choose AVG version from the window and select an
update to save in HDD or USB drive.
Manually Update The Antivirus:
➢If you complete your free subscription update
it from its web page.
➢Launch AVG homepage and select options in
the top right of your screen and choose
Update from directory to save your folder.
➢Click on the folder that has AVG update and
hit to OK button.
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Scan for Malicious :
Malicious can affect the updating process and block
the antivirus. To get rid of viruses fixing utility
update can help and do that you will need Malware
bytes. Navigate to its page and click on freeware
Malware bytes. Then you can run this product by
clicking on its Scan now button.
Reinstall AVG:
➢ If none of the above solutions helps you to get rid of the
issue this time try to reinstall the AVG. this will ensure you
the latest version of AVG antivirus.
➢ Press and hold the Windows + X key and select Run. In the
new small window enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ and enter.
➢ This will open a new window choose AVG anti-virus and
click on Uninstall tab and press ‘Yes’ to confirm.
➢ Now download the AVG program and follow the instruction
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contact the experts at AVG Customer
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need to think twice in order to reach us.
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