How To Troubleshoot Any Problem In Dell Inkjet-converted

There are some generic printers in the market
and one of them is the Dell printer. Dell has the
renowned image among its competitor and
continuously higher its notch. Sometimes there
are certain problems arise in the printer, to
tackle with them you need an expert advice, an
experts who under your issue, who is amiable
and courteous in order to resolve the flaw. Our
executives have years of experience and ability
to resolve it in a single strike.
Follow the steps given below to troubleshoot the dell
inkjet printer:
• When connecting through a USB cable, plug both the
ends of the cable from the computer to the printer.
• Now restart your computer and printer both.
• Then unplug the printer power cable from the power
socket and after 30 seconds plug it again.
• Now turn on your printer and print a page to
check whether the issue is gone or still persist.
• Make sure the settings of your printer are as
defaulted as pervious.
• Refresh your computer and press window key
with the R key over the keyboard.
• This will open a run box, there, type shell:
PrinterFolder and then hit enter or OK button.
• Now select your printer from the list and right
click on your printer name.
• Then select Set as default printer from the dropdrown list.
For wireless printers:
• Check whether the computer is connected to the
same network and navigate to the IP address to
check the settings.
• Go to the settings and run the troubleshooter
this will detect and clean the printer spooler from
your device.
• While the printer is working start systems
restore; restore or reinstall the window in your
• Uninstall the driver and install the latest printer
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