Article - Key Feature to Choose Right Mobile Recharge Software for Business

Key Features that make the Mobile Recharge
Software worth considering for your Business
The mobile recharge software has become an integral part of the mobile
recharging industry. Data and talk-time are what make a smartphone useful
and without recharging balance, there is no use of the mobile device. To keep
up to the boom in mobile recharge market, you will have to go for a mobile
recharge software that suits your needs. In order to select the most
appropriate mobile recharge software, you must know about the various
features of the software. An efficient software will help you enhance your
productivity and earnings and minimize the efforts.
Here, we will be discussing about some of the key features that should be
considered while getting a mobile recharge software:
The data security and application security are the fundamental features of
mobile recharge software because the transactions need to be made following
a proper security framework. The application security includes the use of MAC
and IP address to ensure the security of the system. Following are the essential
data security features that are required in the software:
● One time password; popularly known as OTP
● 3D verification
● Separate transaction pin
● Captcha
The prime advantage of using the software is that the users get a high level of
encryption which can secure important details such as card details. Therefore,
you do not need to worry about not having a secured payment gateway.
Restricting all the malicious activity or leaking out vulnerable data, a secure
software can save the business. Customers never show any interest in using an
app with an unsecured payment gateway.
Quick Processing
If the API is integrated following the right technical protocol, the system
becomes quick and fast. Henceforth, there is no chance of lagging behind and
the well-integrated platform can work well to provide a better result. One of
the key factors of getting success in this business is the reliable performance of
software application. Of course, the owner needs to validate the API before
integrating it into the whole system of mobile recharge software.
Validation of API
Before you start your mobile recharge business, you should make sure that the
customers can connect to the server through API. This process can only take
place when the API is validated. However, if the API is not validated, the
customers are deprived of a smooth performance.
Needless to say, there may be situations where customers may face issues
while paying with credit or debit cards. For avoiding all the risks of delay or
problems in recharges, you must validate API for keeping up a reliable service.
Flexible Connection from any Part of the Country
One of the best features of mobile recharge software is that the application is
conducive and highly flexible. Generally, the lack of flexibility has resulted in
failure of many software applications. The app needs to work from any part of
the city, state or country because the need of transaction may arise anywhere.
You can get wide recognition if the chosen mobile recharge software can add
productivity to your daily life from any crammy nook of the world.
From up to 10 tech-savvy website designs, you can choose the perfect one
which will align with your business factor based on flexibility. Also, the entire
application needs to be user-friendly for enabling easy operation and usability
to all the clients.
Other Features to Keep in Mind
Apart from the advanced web technology (MS SQL Server 2012 for back end
and Microsoft .NET 4 for front end), the software needs to have recharge
history report (with filters), unparalleled master distributors, member access
and dynamic operator with surcharge setting, etc. Following are the things that
can be managed through the business to business mobile recharge software:
● Recharge circles with the inactive or active status
● Terms for members
● Registration package for downline
● Downline fund management
● Users’ transaction report and wallet balance
● Advanced dashboard offering notifications
● Operator’s list
● Live chat facility
● Credit fund management
The SMS integration is the feature of sending transactional SMS to the users
and among other features of mobile recharge software, Standard Android
Application is also present. The world class web design offers the unique
mechanism for implementing the new features with ease.
Apart from the above mentioned features, there are other factors that you can
utilise for enhancing the success rate of your business. You should not miss out
on paying extra attention to business to customer plan and business to
business plan. Therefore, choose the best software which will offer a plethora
of features at a reasonable price.