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Since introduction into the dentistry landscape a little under a decade ago, Yamahachi Dental Products
have become a respected and established fixture in oral care. Yamahachi offers a wide variety of superior
dental products, including acrylic and composite teeth for maximum strength and adaptability. DG Dental
Lab is proud to offer a denture with Yamahachi teeth because we so firmly believe in the product. We
combine the durability and versatility of Yamahachi products with our next-level customization practices.
Our technicians work tirelessly to manufacture dentures that perfectly mirror your natural dentition so
you can look and feel comfortable with your new teeth. A new and healthier smile just got a little easier
with DG Dental Lab and Yamahachi dental products.
In addition to our dentures with Yamahachi teeth, DG Dental Lab offers a wide variety of dental solutions
to help you streamline your practice and give your patients the highest level of care. We combine the
next-level technology of the world’s most advanced dental labs with the intimate and personalized service
neighborhood business. Your patients deserve the peace of mind of knowing they're getting the most
advanced, cutting-edge products. We are also pleased to offer the latest digital scanning and imaging
equipment so your patients can get a more in-depth assessment of their mental health than ever before.
We offer free scanning and imaging equipment to eligible customers that meet certain monthly
Another reason why we have become the preferred dental lab is our commitment to customer service.
While many dental laboratories often make you and your patients wait days or even weeks for your
dental implants and restoratives, DG Dental Lab has the skills, resources and capabilities to offer sameday service on many of our products. This makes a critical difference when someone is waiting on a
replacement tooth to increase their confidence and improve their quality of life. At DG Dental Lab, we
don’t believe that your patients should have to wait for quality dental care.
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