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Rug & Carpet Cleaning of Eastchester
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The most beautiful, valuable rug can sustain deterioration and damage from built-up wear and tear.
Fading can be caused by foot traffic, sunlight and soaked-in liquids. Pet mishaps can stain and even burn
the fibers.
A rug with color fading might be moved to an out-of-the-way spot, or a piece of furniture put over the
marks (which can lead to different problems of dents in the rug), or even reluctantly put in the trash. But
we believe that any favorite piece can be brought back to its original beauty.
Even a wrinkled rug can be stretched or re-blocked; necessary repairs as a fold in the rug will eventually
become fragile and tear.
To restore faded areas, we only use the best natural dyes to bring back your rug’s wealth of color. Colors
are mixed until the perfect shade is obtained. Our highly-specialized color restoration team has the
skills, equipment and supplies to do the job properly.