Important Information on the gems and suppliers

Important Information on the gems and suppliers
The stones precious or gems, they are called from this way various minerals hard,
transparent, and very valuable by its rarity and, after been carved conveniently, they are
used in jewelry and arts decorative. Some is it so fabricated for imitate others gems. The
imitations they copy the shape and color of the stone, but they do not have their
characteristics physical or chemical. However, gems Synthetics are not necessarily an
imitation. By example, the diamond, the ruby, the sapphire and the emerald created in
laboratories they have the same characteristics physical and chemical than the original
article. Rhinestones have little produced in series during various years, but only recently
have created great diamonds quality, especially those of color.
General features of the precious gemstones supplier and precious stone.
A jewel is assessed mainly by its beauty and perfection. In fact, the appearance is the
most important. The beauty as well it must be durable; Yes, if aaa cubic zirconia gem
is damaged from some way, lose its value instantaneously. The characteristics what make
what a stone is beautiful is its color, a phenomenon optical unusual, an incrustation as
with a fossil, its rarity and, sometimes, the peculiar shape of the crystal.
The beauty of yellow gemstones depend largely measure of your properties optical.
Other properties Include: fire, display of colors binoculars; the capacity of some stones
for show two colors different according to the direction in which they are observed, and
transparency. Science, using media analytical every time plus sensitive, is discovering
the substances what color the aromatic minerals . So, the amethyst it has a violet color
due to traces of manganese and fluorine is green due to little amounts of iron and
manganese what it contains.
History of jewelry with green amethyst stone
During the Age Average, the caravan’s commercials this they brought to Europe stones
precious and semiprecious, both for use in the jewelry of kings and nobles like for
jewelry ecclesiastical.
In Some countries, citizens were not allowed ( for law ) use sashes or garlands made of
pearls , a lovely amethyst birth month Stones, gold or silver, other laws Similar
existed in England, this delayed the advance of the jewelry of the time. The Renaissance
It was a very cultural revolution deep that reached all the arts and also jewelry and
jewelry techniques. In the recent technology, jewelry allowed cut stones precious stones
of greater hardness and perform ornaments in architecture , churches and palaces ,
temples and mosques using columns and elements of stones semiprecious like malachite,
alabaster, lapis lazuli and other stones.
These highlights for a rich color, fashion and design are developed in clothing and
jewelry, in painting, sculpture and architecture, the themes religious are replaced by
others Classics and naturalists. Currently, the advances technological, the new carving
methods and new treatment methods gems have jewelry trade and amethyst for sale has
increased dramatically. People of any social status can to have access to jewelry plus
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