Vintage Jewelry Buyers

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Vintage Jewelry Buyers
New York NY 10036
Mon- Fri 9 a.m - 7 p.m
Sun 10.30 a.m - 5 p.m
Cash, all cc
Before setting out to sell your precious metals and jewelry though, you need to do your own due
diligence. As with all important things, caution and careful assessment is necessary. The jewelry trading
industry is filled with highly reputable business men who believe in fair dealings and win-win situations.
At DD Buyers, we’re strictly upstanding jewelry buyers who believe that our clients should get the best
prices for their valuables. We’re committed to fair customer treatment, building good relationships with
our customers and are a highly reputable organization. You really won’t find a better jewelry buyer in
New York City to do business with if you intend to sell your jewelry in New York.
So, if you have some jewelry to sell in New York, walk into our store and talk to us. We’re more than
willing to help you with all the information and assessment that you need.
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