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Your area rugs are very often the focal point of the room they occupy. Their distinct and ornate designs,
soft fibers and warmth make them a valued treasured in your home. Like most valuable treasures,
however, your area rugs require consistent maintenance and upkeep to ensure they maintain their
longevity. They also need swift professional cleaning in the likelihood of a spill, which is not out of the
realm of possibility.
Rug Cleaning Scarsdale is fully aware of how much our friends and neighbors in Westchester value their
area rugs, and we’re here to make sure they maintain their luster and integrity for years to come. Call us
today to schedule your area rug cleaning. We look forward to hearing from you.
Your area rug is vulnerable to all manner of stains, wear and tear throughout the course of its life. The
longer it remains in your home, the more vulnerable it becomes. Between the accumulation of dirt and
sediments from continued traffic by your family and guests and the likelihood of accidental spills, it’s
imperative that you have a quality area rug cleaning resource ready and able to keep it looking as new
as the day you bought it.
Our experienced and qualified cleaning professionals use the safest, non-toxic and most effective
products to ensure a quick and through cleaning of your rug. We provide same-day service and offer the
quickest turnaround in the industry. We will come and take your rug and deliver it back to you once it’s
been cleaned to your satisfaction.