How to stop my Acer laptop from automatically updating on Windows 10-converted

How to Stop my Acer laptop From
Automatically Updating On Windows
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Stop Automatic Update
Acer laptops have a high demand for
their product, as the products, especially
Laptops, are very efficient and deliver
top-notch performance every time.
However, some issues have been
addressed to them by their users, like the
problem of automatic update in the
laptops, once they get access to the WiFi network.
Stop Automatic Update
Now updating is not the worst part for it
enables you to use new features provided by
the update but it is the time taken to complete
the process, and to be honest not everyone
can afford to lose that amount of time, for you
cannot work on your device until it is updated.
It keeps on updating itself without any
permission. So, the experts in our team have
come up of some ways to cure this; you only
have to follow the steps mentioned below.
Follow Steps To Stop Updates
➢As your first step, turn on your laptop and
click on the windows button, or go to start
➢Navigate to the search bar and enter
Update in it; then press enter.
➢Here, in the new window, click on Change
settings in the left corner.
➢Now under important updates, select the
option you want.
Follow Steps To Stop Updates
➢Tick the checkbox stating ‘give me
recommended updates in the same way I
receive important updates’ and press the
start button then.
➢You will be asked to enter your
administrator password now.
➢Click on the checkbox saying “Allow all
the users to install updates on this
computer” if you wish to install the file.
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