Modern Recliner Sofa & Chair
2252 E 17th St, storefront
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Monday -Sunday, 11:00am - 7pm
Cash, Check, Credit Cards
"Famaliving is a space designed to help you choose the best option when it comes to buying a sofa or
armchair. It is the sofa store chain where you will find the largest selection of Fama sofas."
In a research we have made, we have found out that approximately 30% of people who buy a sofa
repent in the first two months of use, realising that they made a mistake and bought a sofa which does
not suit their needs.
We are aware that it is an important purchase, and there is a wide variety of products in the market, so
we understand that it may be difficult to decide and sometimes you don't know where to start. In
Famaliving you will find a team of professionals who will advise you on the purchase of your sofa or
It sometimes happen that when we go to a sofa store, we try the sofas just sitting down in an upright
position, or even doing the gesture of leaning our head on the back several times to check the comfort,
while actually most people like lying on the sofas when they are at home. That`s why it is so important
when you are choosing a sofa to bear in mind what your actual needs are, and the way you normally use
the sofa at home, and to transmit it to the seller so that he can advise you.
In Famaliving stores you can see and try a wide variety of Fama sofas and armchairs, as well as a large
display of colourful and original fabrics in a different and cozy atmosphere. You will notice that in
addition to the attractive design of the models, their main features are their comfort, their functionality,
and above all, the fact that they were designed to enjoy at home.
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