6 Common Injuries from Moving

6 Common Injuries from Moving
Moving is a stressful job. Not only is it mentally exhausting but can also physically drain you as well. It
requires a lot of hard labour and involves lifting furniture items and boxes which are quite heavy. If you aren’t
used to lifting weights, you might even get injured in the process. The following are some of the common
injuries that can occur during a move.
Back Strains
The back suffers the most during a move. Most DIY movers end up having back strains because of lifting too
much weight. In addition to this, some people even get herniated discs when trying to carry the heavy furniture
items by themselves. Usually, bad lifting technique is the reason for these back injuries. Most people try to lift
boxes from the ground by bending at the waist. This exerts pressure on their back and causes the back strain.
The proper way to lift boxes is to squat down and use your knees to pick them off the floor.
Broken Fingers and Toes
Fingers and toes are also at risk when carrying out a move. It is very easy to break a bone when handling heavy
boxes and furniture items. The toes are especially vulnerable as a dropped box or metal object can cause severe
damage. Such instances can be avoided by taking necessary precaution. For instance, putting on heavy-duty
gloves can protect your fingers from getting hurt when lifting any heavy item. Moreover, you can safeguard
your toes by wearing closed-toe boots or shoes on moving day.
Sprained Ankles
Ankle sprains are also a common moving day injury. Since you must carry a load and walk without seeing
where you are going, it is easy for you to slip or take a misstep and roll your ankle. You can avoid becoming a
victim of this moving day injury by taking some simple preventive measures. Wearing shoes with proper grip
and clearing a path when carrying things in and out of the home can minimize tripping and slipping and save
you from spraining your ankle.
Cuts and Bruises
When packing items into boxes, you might cut your hand on a sharp object. Moreover, it isn’t uncommon to
have bruises on your elbows, arms and feet caused by grazing them with items having rough edges. All these
cuts and bruises can be avoided by covering your skin as much as possible and wearing rugged clothing like
Knee Injuries
Knee injuries are also a common occurring on moving day. You might bang your knee into objects or might put
extra strain on them when lifting heavy boxes. These types of injuries can be avoided by wearing knee pads or
braces and make use of furniture sliders so that you don’t have to carry them.
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