Easy Steps To Set Up And Use Boot-converted

Lenovo Computers have inbuilt tools for
booting the recovery media. A user may
require it for various reasons. In this blog,
small and easy steps are mentioned through
which you can run this process.
Have a look and follow these easy
Creating Lenovo Recovery Media
1.Connect the USB flash drive in your
Windows Lenovo laptop. Connecting the
drives before boot can cause complications
with the system.
2.Press Windows + X keys on the keyboard,
select Control Panel and then choose
Recovery option.
3. Now, move to Advanced tools and then
click on Create a recovery drive.
4. This will open the media creation
program. Choose Yes when the User Account
Control prompt appears on the screen.
5. Locate “Copy the recovery partition form
the PC to the recovery drive” option if appears
on the screen and put a checkmark on it.
6. Now, choose the USB Flash Drive from the
list that appears to imitate the media
creation. This process may take around one
hour so, you have to keep patience.
7. Make a choice to keep the retrieval
partition or to delete it.
Boot from Recovery media of Lenovo
1. Connect the USB recovery media to your
laptop and then restart the computer.
2. Enter into the boot menu by pressing F12
key during startup.
3. Choose the recovery media from the Boot
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to
complete the further process.
5. Click on Troubleshoot and then choose
Reset Your PC option and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the steps.
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