Frequently Asked Questions for TPG

Frequently Asked Questions for TPG
TPG internet is a conglomeration of two companies – Total Peripherals Group and SP Telemedia in 2008.
Both the companies provide the best service to their customer in fast forward media. There are lots of
things revolves in the user’s mind while they work with TPG. This blog is here help you with topics
regarding the internet.
TPG Technical Support 1-800-789-560 reachable to users all the time if they are facing any issue while
handle their internet account. You can also connect with our experts if you are facing any technical glitch
with the service right from connection trouble, router issue or broadband-related errors. We assure you to
get desired assistance and appropriate solution from our team.
What is a browser?
All customers know about the browser but they don’t know the deep answer. Browser is a program.
Browser is a program that clarifies the HTML documents and displays these documents to the user. There
are lots of browsers which playing in the race.
What are the ways to bring up a Web Page?
For viewing a webpage, users need to open their internet browser. Now users have to enter the website
name or URL into the search box for getting results. After adding your stuff, press “Enter” and the
customer will see a new result page.
What is a Start Page and how does a user set it?
When a customer accesses the browser, a welcome page is displayed on the screen. The User can set the
webpage whatever they want to.
How does user perform a search?
Search Engine is the only way to perform a search. There are so many search engines for performing their
task. Our teams of Technical support always recommend Google as this is pioneer Web service provider.
There are so many questions or things which revolve in the mind of a user. If a user wants any technical
help, they can call TPG Helpline Number 1-800-789-560 and their issues will be resolved within a short
time period. You can also connect with us via live chat or email and we will get back you as soon as