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300-165 practice questions
1. Which statement about SNMP support on Cisco Nexus switches is true?
A. Cisco NX-OS only supports SNMP over IPv4.
B. Cisco NX-OS supports one instance of the SNMP per VDC.
C. SNMP is not VRF-aware.
E. Only users belonging to the network operator RBAC role can assign SNMP groups.
Answer: B
300-165 practice questions
2. Which technology is required in the underlay to facilitate remote VTEP
A. multicast
Answer: A
300-165 practice questions
3. Which two options should you consider when you configure a SAN zone set?
(Choose two.)
A. VSANs can be activated by using enhanced zoning.
B. A SAN zone set consists of one or more SAN zones.
C. A SAN zone set must be activated manually on all of the fabric nodes.
D. Only the SAN zone set can be activated simultaneously.
E. One SAN zone can be the member of only one zone set.
Answer: AB
300-165 practice questions
4. Which two options can be used for link aggregation when you configure vPC
member interfaces? (Choose two.)
A. a static EtherChannel
B. the Cisco Fabric Services protocol
C. the LACP protocol
D. the VSL control link
E. the PAgP protocol
Answer: CE
300-165 practice questions
5. You experience an issue on a Cisco Nexus 7700 Series switch. You must gather
detailed information about the system state and the configuration of the switch.
Which command should you run?
A. switch# show logging > bootflash:Log.txt
B. switch# show tech-support > bootflash:Log.txt
C. switch# show running-config > bootflash:Log.txt
D. switch# show system > bootflash:Log.txt
Answer: B
300-165 practice questions
6. Which command configures the aging for VLAN 100 to 500 minutes?
A. mac address-table aging-time 50
B. mac address-table aging-time 50 vlan 100
C. mac address-table aging-time 3000 vlan 100
D. mac address-table aging-time 300
Answer: C
300-165 practice questions
7. Which two features are required to implement a Layer 3 VXLAN gateway on the
Cisco Nexus 5600 Series platform? (Choose two.)
A. feature mpls
B. feature nv overlay
C. feature lldp
D. feature eigrp
E. feature vn-segment-vlan-based
Answer: BE
300-165 practice questions
8. Which GLBL load-balancing method ensures that a client is always mapped to
the same virtual MAC address?
A. host-dependent
B. vmac-weighted
C. dedicated-vmac-mode
D. shortest-path and weighting
Answer: A