How to Take Care of Your Gemstones

How to Take Care of Your Gemstones
Caring for your lab made gemstones will make them last for a long time and give them a
shiny appearance. The stones differ in terms of reaction to light, heat, stiffness and
solidity. The gemstones can also take in color which can change their appearance and
thus it is necessary to clean them to ensure that it maintains color. Exposing the gemstone
in direct sunlight for a long time will also affect its appearance. Proper care of the
gemstones is very easy as long as you recognize the stone. There are any ways that you
can use to clean your gemstone. If you would like to know how to go about it, then you
should continue reading.
There are some gemstones that require caution when caring for them. Such gemstones
include pearl, emerald and amber. However, chemicals can harm you lab ruby, loose
cubic zirconia and London blue topaz.Caring for your gemstone will leave them
looking new. Make sure that your jewelry is free of any dirt. They gather dirt especially
rings when you when on a regular basis. You can use water and soap to sanitize your
translucent stones. You can also opt to use an elastic toothbrush to clean the loose gems.
You have to use the proper cleaning method since even the hardest stones like diamond
and rubies can break if you use an ultrasonic cleaner. You can also wash your stones
using ammonia and water to get rid of the films and give it an extra shine. You can use
ultrasonic ammonia for clean stones such as turquois and onyx. Use a wet cloth to clean
the stones. Most of the stones will soak in water and absorb the water thus making them
However, there are gemstones that do not soak when you place them in water. Lindy star
sapphire is one of the gems that do not have any room for water to enter due to its
molecules. Opal need exceptional care so if you have one, and then be prepared to clean
it thoroughly. When cleaning your man made opal, use a cleaner and ensure that you do
not use high temperature since it can make the stone to dry out. Other stones like amber,
coral and pearl only need to be wiped using a wet cloth. Such stones are organic in nature
and are permeable and supple. You should also be cautious about the chemicals that
come from hairsprays, perfumes and even cosmetics since they can harm your gemstones.
Cleaning your gemstone is not hard; you just have to set aside a few minutes. The only
thing you have to do is make sure that you do not use chemicals when cleaning your
gemstones. You have to know the type of gemstone and how to take care of it. You will
be amazed at the way your gemstone will transform and look as good as new. The best
part is that it only takes a few minutes to clean the gemstone.