When is it necessary to go to a varicose vein specialist

When is it necessary to go to a varicose
vein specialist?
It is usually advisable to see a specialist as soon as varicose veins are
visible or cause some type of discomfort. But above all you have to be
especially careful and consult with the specialist if you notice an
increase in size, redness or hardening of the varicose vein, in a short
time. Without forgetting symptoms such as pain or swelling, even if it is
local, since a late diagnosis increases the chances that these
discomforts become prologated in time.
The specialist will perform a thorough medical examination along with
tests such as Doppler ultrasound and angiogram.
Defining the Varicose Vein Treatment specialist
First of all, we must know that currently there is a difference between
two types of specialists trained to treat varicose veins. This situation
occurs because, over the years, there has been a branch when dealing
with the circulatory system, creating a new specialization such as
On the one hand, there are doctors specialized in general surgery, they
are specialists with a long career that since the beginning of their
studies have been instructed in surgical treatments related to the
circulatory system and the treatment of pathologies such as varicose
On the other hand, there are new professionals, named according to
their specialty as angiologists or vascular surgeons, prepared for the
study and treatment of diseases and pathologies that affect the
circulatory system.
Surgeon General and Specialists in Angiology and Vascular Surgery
Nowadays this branch of surgery is called angiology or vascular surgery,
it is a medical-surgical specialty dedicated to the study, prevention,
clinical and instrumental diagnosis and treatment of vascular
pathologies. The diseases of the circulatory system, that is, problems
that affect the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems, are the object of
these surgeries.
As for the general surgeon and the angiologist, they are as we have
previously named those responsible for treating diseases and vascular
pathologies, that is, all those conditions that have to do with the
vessels of the organism. In the case of varicose veins, in charge of
applying the treatment to chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins.
The functions that specialists have are:
Effectively diagnose and treat varicose veins, whether it is an
outpatient procedure or hospitalization.
Perform the necessary tests and follow up on the patient's
The vascular specialist will perform a
vascular examination and additional
tests such as Doppler ultrasound and
an angiogram to detect the disease,
treat it in time and avoid
The surgeries that this specialist can
perform can range from a small
intervention of aesthetic varicose
microsurgery, through minimally
endovascular surgery, to more complex interventions, but always with
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