Gemstone chart according to your astrological sign

Gemstone chart according to your
astrological sign
While many people don't believe in the power or the effects of astrology on our
lives, there are millions of people who are believers. In addition to that,
astrologists also believe that we have Birthstones For Each Month in form of natural
gemstones which can bring positive energies especially for their dedicated
astrological sign. From the chart below, you can find the best fitting gemstone for
your astrological sign. The chart can further help you when you look for natural
gemstones for sale
Aquarius :
Red Garnet: a great and cheaper alternative to rubies which gained its
name from pomegranate has a lot of healing energy associated with it. It’s
said to help the „ chi” or energy flow and helps us feel grounded.
Rose Quartz: the lovely pink colored crystal is the symbol of love, relaxing
energies and is among the most popular healing crystals.
Turquoise: another positive crystal supporting purity and happiness,
thanks to its signature blue color, it’s among the most popular gemstones
out there.
Amethyst: another outstanding crystal signifying relaxing, purity and
happiness, amethyst is often bought in large blocks, for its energy to be
even fuller in a home.
Diamond: the most famous gemstone of all time pure diamond is the
symbol of power, clarity and helps one gain a strong insight. It’s also
thought to have great protective powers.
Natural Blue Sapphire: the eternal blue sapphire is among the most
expensive and famous gemstones of all time. It’s popular in engagement
rings and a holy stone for both Catholics and Persians and provides
defensive power,
Emerald: a lucky stone with strong healing powers emerald is among the
most expensive, rare gemstones in the world.
Pearl: representing water energy, motion, purity and the nourishment of
the sea, pearls are unique, expensive and eternally popular in jewelry.
Ruby gemstone: the sign of passion and love ruby has a strong meaning in
almost all cultures and is considered the king of gemstones. Pink
tourmaline can also be a handy substitute for ruby.
Onyx: a pure black gemstone is a real rarity in onyx. It represents mystical
energies and has strong protective powers.
Blue Sapphire: the fantastic rare gemstone serves as a symbol of heavens,
purity, innocence, truth and also helps with attaining inner peace.
Opal: the mysterious gemstone, thought to
have extraordinary qualities is said to protect
fidelity, protect from illnesses and grow the
power of the mind. Check Ethiopian opal
Topaz: the beautiful blue gemstone signifies
love and affection. While it can come in many
shades, the blue topaz is the most popular of
these gemstones.
Blue Topaz: while blue is the most popular shade for this gemstone. Topaz
is treated with gamma rays to achieve the blue shade that’s so popular.
Ruby: the helper of love, passion and the symbol of blood and life, deep
burgundy rubies exceed diamonds in value.
Garnet: red garnet, which has great healing properties is also used as a
substitute for ruby.
If you look for an online seller to buy gemstones make sure they can prove they
sell genuine gemstones instead of fake gemstones.