Some FAQ’s about varicose veins!

Some FAQ’s about varicose veins!
Veins of lower extremities should work against the gravity to always carry the
blood back to your heart. For making this much possible, usually there are oneway of the valves in veins that open as well as allow the flow of blood upward
toward your heart while the muscles get contract. Such valves will snap shut while
the muscles relax for preventing the blood to flow in wrong direction. There are
various different factors that may cause the veins to get weak and valves for bad
malfunction. The Blood is also able to flow in an incorrect direction, toward the
feet. It results in much pressure getting put on walls of the veins that causes
valves for malfunctioning more.
It is important to consult the varicose vein doctor in San Diego when you face any
kind of the symptom. The causes of the great variety of the symptoms include
varicose veins as well as the spider veins. The varicose veins treatment San
Diego helps to treat the insufficiency of Venous, synonymous through the venous
reflux, this is medical condition where valves does not properly function.
If you are suffering from this problem and looking for the Varicose Vein Which
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How are varicose and spider veins different?
The Varicose vein (var-i-kohs) are usually enlarged veins which generally often
look as ropes cords as well as it also appear bulging and twisted. They may also be
in red, blue, purplish, or even flesh-colored. It is usually swollen along with the
raised above surface of skin, varicose veins get often found at thighs, which is also
backs of calves, and also inside of leg. When you are pregnant, varicose veins may
even form around buttock.
On the other hand the Spider veins are mainly like varicose veins though they are
smaller, and like name suggests, they usually have the spider web appearance, or
even resemble like the tree branches. These are also much closer to surface of
skin as compared to the varicose veins. They also appear to be blue and red. They
are usually found on face and legs, they may also cover either small or large area
of your skin. You should also refer to Varicose Veins Causes And Treatment.
What are the causes of spider or varicose veins?
The Varicose veins may also be caused through damages and weak valves in veins.
The heart will pumps the blood which is filled with the nutrients and oxygen to
complete body through arteries. Veins will also carry blood from body again to
your heart. As the leg muscles crush, they will push the blood back in heart from
the lower body against gravity flow. The Varicose Veins Laser Treatment Cost will
be not much expensive but they will be much affordable.
Veins have the valves which act as the one-way flaps for preventing the blood to
flow backwards when it moves up from the legs. With the Laser Procedure For
Varicose Veins is quite an effective treatment. When your valves get weak, the
blood may also leak again into veins and also collect there. (Such kind of the
problem is known as venous insufficiency.) While it is backed-up for blood makes
veins large, they might also get varicose. Research is actually ongoing as because
of true underlying causes of the venous insufficiency. Few possible causes are
pregnancy, age, heredity, trauma, obesity, as well as standing and sitting for quite
long time.