Suggestions When You Visit Myanmar

Suggestions When You Visit Myanmar
Myanmar is one of the most serene and beautiful countries in the
world and is best known for its elephants and green forests.
Myanmar was earlier called Burma, and that name is still used
widely. If you want to visit this lovely country, then it is best to take
the Myanmar tours organized by reputed travel agents. As with all
countries, it is a good idea to abide by certain suggestions which can
come in handy when you travel through Myanmar. Once you are
sure about your date of travel it is a good idea to contact a reliable
and experienced travel agent in Myanmar, to prepare your itinerary
for you and your family.
One of the first things to remember while taking Myanmar tours is to
carry more money than you think you will require. There are some
shops in Myanmar where your credit card will not be accepted, and
the concept of ATM is yet to become popular in this country. It is a
good idea to book your rooms and taxi over the internet in advance,
although most good hotels will accept credit cards. You should also
find out details of the departure tax and airport taxi. As all travel
agents in Myanmar will advise you it is a good idea to keep a guide
and map of the country handy with you.
The transportation and accommodation in Myanmar are very
reasonable, but it is best to keep adequate money with you. Giving
tips to the local people, and being courteous to them is a good idea.
Your kind gesture will not be lost on them, and they will be warm
and helpful to you. The country is not developing regarding the
economy, so it is a good idea to stay at local hotels and eat at local
restaurants. This is the best way to try the delicious Burmese cuisine,
which is very simple but tasty. This way you will be helping and
supporting the local people. Such small kind gestures will make sure
that your Myanmar tours is enjoyable and successful.
An experienced travel agent in Myanmar is sure to tell you to be
respectful to the Buddhist monks who abound in Myanmar. You
should never touch a monk and can salute them by joining your
palms together. You should also take off your shoes and be silent
when you visit the pagodas in Myanmar. The pagodas have strict
rules and regulations; hence you are better off understanding the
rules before you visit these places of worship. It is a good idea to
have a travel guide with you so that you know the dos and don'ts in
the pagodas.
When you take the Myanmar tours, it is a good idea to carry cotton
clothes that are light. You can also take your sunglasses and hats
along in summers. It is best to remember that the people here can
be conservative and therefore you should dress and behave
accordingly. You can also buy local souvenirs and indulge in shopping
if you so wish.