What is mobile first design and why it is important

What is mobile first design and why it is important?
The mobile first development is the approach in which designing is carried out for smallest screen to
work in the desired way. The concept of mobile first design could be understood with the knowledge of
responsive web design and progressive advancement.
Responsive web design:
This is the method of web design through which the web is enabled to automatically fit to the different
devices screens so that the content is displayed in the manner that is comfortable for the user. At the
time of web browsing, the operations such as zooming, panning and scrolling etc. are reduced to a large
Progressive advancement:
This is the concept that is used for reasonably displaying the interface of application on varied devices in
which tailor made product versions were provided by the designers for various ends.
With the mobile first development, progressive advancement is strongly recommended. It is highly
important for the businesses that their site runs well on the mobile device so that the users are able to
access it on the device they are comfortable with.
Mobile first strategy:
This is the concept that refers to mobile networks primacy that are created from the latest smartphones
connected to huge area of network coverage. The improving affinity of companies to design the
products for the devices such as mobile is referred by mobile first strategy. This is taken into
consideration even before parallel designs are made for the traditional laptop or desktop computers.
The process of mobile first development considers the points such as:
Design with slightest divisions and then scaling up: In this, the mobile wireframe is created first and then
for the bigger divisions, this model is used. Till there is excessive white space, the screen is extended.
Touch targets are enlarged: fingers need bigger element to tap since they are wider when compared to
the mouse cursors that are pixel precise. For this, the buttons should be enlarged slightly and enough
space must be given to the hyperlinks.
Large graphics must be avoided:On the screen that is just few inches wide, the presentation of complex
graphics and landscape photos does not go well. Mobile users must be catered with the images that are
clear on handheld screens.
Importance of mobile first platform:
There are several points that make mobile first platform important for businesses such as:
More time is spent on internet by the users from their mobile devices.
The sale of smartphones has already overtaken the sales of PCs.
The use of mobile devices is exploding that makes the designers to consider mobile first design so that
the business can rule in the market.
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