Professionally Remove Pest From Your Property

Professionally Remove Pest From Your Property
There are literally hundreds of insects and rodents that could annoy you. However, as per the
experts’ view, termites and rats are more dangerous than any other insects or rodents. Why so?
They could potentially destroy your home within years of infestation. Hence, you should act soon
so that you will not regret about acting late. Unfortunately, the major issue here is that you
cannot realize that your house is infested with termite even after several years of infestation
without a careful examination. However, by the time the symptoms become obvious, it could be
too late to save them. Hence, the most important thing in saving your house from the deadly
termite or rats lies in the faster identification.
Finding pest infestation
Rat is greatest hiders and hence, it is not easy to observe and get them. However, termite
infestation can be observed with careful examination. First of all, identity the vulnerable parts of
your house. Usually, basement is the most vulnerable part of the house. Hence, get a screwdriver
and torchlight and assess whether there is a hole in the wooden segment of your basement or
check the strength of the wood through the screwdriver. If you find that there is a considerable
decrease in the strength of wood, termite could be the culprit.
To make sure that termite or rat is contributing to the mess, search for the termite or rat waste.
They are usually in the color of dark brown. In doubt, hire a professional Mouse Control
Abbotsford service to examine your house. Professional Pest Control Abbotsford service may
help you in suggesting the best treatment as per the species of the pest and severity of the
Viable methods to control termites
There are few reliable methods available for Pest Control Langley and they are explained in the
following passage.
Use cardboard as a trap: This is the simple and effective method to control pests.
Termites and rats feed on cellulose of the cardboard. Get a new cardboard and cut it into
several pieces of equal size, wet them and place them in a potential location of termite.
Wait for few days and examine them after few days. If cardboard is infested, burn them
safely in an outdoor environment. While handling cardboard, make sure to wear gloves,
goggles and mask. Pest Control Surrey service providers are using highly advance
techniques to control pest on your property, so use their help.
Subject affected items to sunlight or freezing temperature: If any individual items such as
furniture are infested with termite or rat, place them in sunlight. It is a slow but effective
process to kill all the termites hidden in the item. It could take 2-3 days to kill rats and
termites. If you happen to live in a region with no sunny summers, place wood in freezing
temperature to kill pests.
Call a professional: Professional Rat Control Abbotsford service is the best way to get
quick and effective result. A good professional team will not only get you rid of the
problem but also make sure that the problem will not be repeated in future.