Epson Tech Support How to clean the printer head

Epson Tech Support: How to clean the
printer head?
Printers put a perfect fnish to your home with the countless benefts.
While any print error occurs on the screen, users analyze it to be a sign
of a leak cartridge which is actually an issue of dirt and grime in the
printer head. Rather, the issue can be worse which is hard to be judged.
For this, you must ask a technician or adopt the steps below because
If you want to print innumerable copies every day, just reach the
technicians at Epson Technical Support. Here, you will not only get the
solution to the deteriorated component but in-grained knowledge
would be delivered by skilled experts.
1. Validate your printer and ensure that there are no print jobs. In
case there is any brightness in the front panel, you must exchange
it appropriately.
2. Inject sufficient amount of sheets into the system in-tray.
3. Move to the Windows representation and subsequently move
towards the characters of device and printer so that it is easy to
get the list of each and every device. Embark its selection and
double-click on it.
4. Begin with the cleaning process only when an alert for cleaning
the cover indicates on the screen. Click yes for the confrmation.
5. It is submissive to wait for a while till the cleaning procedure
comes to an end. Do not turn of the system until the process is
ongoing as it would lead to disaster.
6. When the light turns of, the process is completed. Move to the
link of nozzle printing which will be the frst step for printing the
staggered lines. Validate the same by marking the confrm buton.
7. Review the nozzle-sheet inclusive of check paterns. Note the
authenticity of the paper and check if there is any gap or not. If
not, the procedure is successful and you can hit the done buton.
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handle the technical issues of confused users who failed their
command over the product.
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