5 Reasons a Legal CRM Will Change Your Life

This is what we call a “loaded listicle.” Why? Because we can’t be certain what
status your life is currently in and if you actually want to change it, but we’re
going to assume that if you are a legal professional and you’re not using Shape’s
Legal CRM - you’re most likely miserable.
Misery is a bore. It’s also very expensive.
On any given day, law firms are managing all or most of these (and so much
•Multiple marketing and email campaigns
•Leads and their sources
•Client intakes
•Client communications via phone, text, and email
•Documents and more documents
•Calendars, court dates
•Third party providers
Without a cloud-based Legal CRM to manage your law firm’s day-to-day
activities, misery ensues. And when your prospective clients fall through the
cracks because you’re busy trying to manage the other details, well, your
marketing just became a moot point. That’s expensive.
End costly bouts of misery. Change your life with Shape’s business cloud
software specifically designed for law firms. Request your free trial. But you did
read this far, so…
Here are the 5 Reasons we promised:
Manage Your Sales and Marketing with real-time automation that integrates every
point of contact as it occurs. No more redundant data entry and no more employee
error, but most importantly, no more prospective clients falling through the data
Streamline the Intake Process with online forms and form builders, built-in esignatures, and file attachments. Integrates with Needles or Clio for a truly innovative
and integrated process.
Communicate How Your Client Listens, via phone, email, or text and keep a record
of every point of contact.
Manage Deadlines and Calendars including Statutes of Limitations with Shape’s
interactive cloud software and eliminate costly errors.
Manage Documents and Records, including third party sources. Maintain all your
records in the right files, every time, and assign customized permissions to the firm
for transparency, accuracy, and efficiency.
Manage Billing as if you were born into a family of accountants. Track time and
expenses, create and track invoices, monitor online client payments, gather
financial reports and more.
Yeah, we know. That was 6 Reasons to stop being miserable. We have more
reasons for you. Contact us for your free trial!
Article Resource - https://www.setshape.com/blog/5-reasons-a-legal-crm-willchange-your-life