myanmar holidays-Travelling to Myanmar, Booking hotels in Myanmar and More

Travelling to Myanmar, Booking hotels in Myanmar
and More
Myanmar is one of the most exotic South East Asian countries that you can
head for this year. However, before boarding on that flight make sure you're
duly researching on the country in a bid to make sure that you're making the
most of your holiday there. As a prudent traveller you should always make sure
that before setting out for your favourite destination in Myanmar whether
alone or with your family, you should try to settle for the best deals available in
terms of prices.
However, make sure that your hunt for cheaper flight and accommodation
deals is not hampering your comfort.
Don't worry. Finding the most
affordable travel packages is not an
onerous task. A good deal of online
research would help you in this regard.
As you go further through this post you
would be duly acquainted with ways to
secure cheaper travel deals for
yourself. But at first let us check out
Places to Visit in Myanmar
The chief attractions of the land of floating pagodas, temples and monasteries
are listed below. Make sure you're making them a part of itinerary when
touring through the exotic country.
Inle: Reaching more than 900 meters above sea-level this natural spectacle
(river) is located in the middle of Shan State. The well-known floating pagoda,
Phaungdawoo is situated here. Boat races and floating markets are other
attractions here.
Bagan: The versatile beauty of the country is perhaps most aptly testified by
the most visited place here. It is located in Mandalay and has more than 2200
temples, pagodas and monasteries.
Mandalay: It is the second largest city of the country and this is the place
where the Royal Palace of the Konbaung dynasty is located. The five chief
townships of this place are:
Chan MyaTharzi
Chan Aye TharZan
PyigyiTagun Townships
Ways to Secure Cheap Travelling Deals
Myanmar is fast becoming one of the
most favoured travel destinations for
tourists. So it is quite obvious that its
tourism industry is actually coming up
with a lot of measures to maintain its
status as a budget holiday destination.
Check out some ways in which you can
secure cheaper Myanmar holidays deals.
Whether you're booking a flight for or hotels in Myanmar make sure that
you're doing the same way in advance. It becomes very difficult to secure
cheaper deals if you're seeking your bookings at the last minute.
Travelling in the off-season can also save you some money as the hotel rates
are likely to be much cheaper.
Compare the prices offered by different websites and also the discount coupon