How To Password-Protect Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

How To Password-Protect
Adobe Acrobat PDF Files?
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Adobe PDF editor is a great tool in which one
can edit according to his or her need. Some of
the people distribute their PDF on the internet.
Many bloggers and eBooks sellers use this
because PDF is free to read and edit. It has a
feature of lock the content so that no one can
copy your content.
The process is very easy, follow these
Steps For Protecting Adobe PDF
1. Turn on your PC and open the PDF document which you wish
to lock in Adobe Acrobat.
2. Click on the Properties tab from the File menu.
3. Now, Select the Security tab and click on Yes button if
4. You have to choose a compatibility level from the drop-down
list. This will choose the encryption level of the document.
Select the latest version of the application that you wish to
read the PDF. The program can be updated if the reader has
an earlier version than you allow.
5. Note: A file encrypted to Adobe Reader 9 cannot work in
Adobe Reader 3.
Steps For Protecting Adobe PDF
6. Locate what document files are to be encrypted or locked. A
person can lock all of the document contents like file
attachments and the metadata.
7. Choose the type of password to lock the document file. A
person can opt to require a passcode to open the PDF or need
secret keys to edit the document. Enter the password into the
designated field.
8. Now, select “Enable Copying of Text, Images and Other
Content” if you wish to allow copying and pasting of the
document content into other documents.
9. select OK button to save the password.
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By following above steps, you will definitely be
able to lock your PDF document. If you stuck in
between the procedure, contact Adobe
Support Phone Number 1-844-888-3870 to
get full detail on troubleshooting steps. Here,
you can speak to our experts about your issues
and they will solve it within few minutes. Our
team can help you in resolving technical
glitches. Get in touch with us for jiffy help.
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