3 First Steps to Filing Divorce

With one divorce occurring every 13 seconds in the U.S., it is
not uncommon for a marriage to result in divorce. Often, the
decision to end your marriage can be one made out of
frustration without realization of proper divorce procedures
or best practices. The steps listed below are designed to help
you start this difficult process on the right foot.
Make sure divorce is right for you. Deciding to part your
separate ways with your spouse is an incredibly difficult
decision for you and your family. Keep in mind that divorce
can take anywhere from a few months to several years, so this
process is not necessarily a short one. Begin gathering the
necessary funds for your lawyer and court fees as soon as
possible. This will allow you to file once you have your
documents ready and can prevent a longer wait time for
Choose the right lawyer. Especially in cases where there are
substantial assets or children involved, divorce proceedings
can be more complicated than you previously imagined. The
right divorce lawyer will walk you through all of the
necessary procedures in order to keep you educated and
informed. Make sure to interview potential local lawyers so
that you can see what each has to offer you.
Start deciding which assets are important to you. If you and your spouse are on
good terms, you can start discussing your respective wants and needs with them. If
you are not on speaking terms, start compiling a list of the physical things that are
most important to you, such as a car or home. This can be a good time to start
discussing any custody agreements as well.
In short, the above steps can help start your proceedings on a well-prepared note to
make this process smoother for everyone involved. Have additional questions?
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