2018 Killtest E22-285 Real Exam Q&As

Vendor: EMC
Exam Code: E22-285
Exam Name: VxRail Appliance 4.x Deployment and
Implementation Exam
Version: Demo
Killtest E22-285 Full Version: https://www.killtest.com/ProductTechnology-Specific/E22-285.asp
22.You have been asked to install a 7 node VxRail single socket 1 GbE G Series cluster.
The company has requested remote KVM support.
How many RJ45 cables will be required?
A. 14
B. 21
C. 28
D. 35
Answer: A
23.Which step is required to enable VxRail Manager capabilities to register the system,
obtain product license files, update system software, download VxRail documentation,
and browse VxRail Community?
A. Enable the cluster/VDS/management accounts when using an external vCenter
B. Enable EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS)
C. Configure VMware Secure Support Account (vSSA) access
D. Set the Username and Password for the Support Account
Answer: B
24.A company has a two chassis G Series cluster and wants to change the setup. This
will require a reset of the chassis.
What is the correct procedure?
A. Reset both chassis simultaneously through the reset script
B. Reset the primary chassis first, followed by the secondary chassis, through the reset
C. Reset both chassis simultaneously with the mobile build server
D. Reset the secondary chassis first, followed by the primary chassis, through the reset
Answer: D
25.What is a consideration for using link aggregation on the Top of Rack (ToR) switch for
a VxRail?
A. Should not be used for VxRail node ports, but can be used for uplink and ISL
B. Is not supported on the VxRail ToR switch
C. Can be configured for any connectivity, but are not required
D. Should always be configured for VxRail node ports to allow for failover
Answer: B
26.In a 24 node Stretched Cluster VxRail deployment, what is the acceptable Rout Trip
Time (RTT) latency between sites?
A. Primary to witness site RTT latency: 10 msSecondary to witness site RTT latency: 10
msPrimary tosecondary site RTT latency: 10 ms
B. Primary to witness site RTT latency: 50 msSecondary to witness site RTT latency: 50
msPrimary to secondary site RTT latency: 6 ms
C. Primary to witness site RTT latency: 75 msSecondary to witness site RTT latency: 75
msPrimary to secondary site RTT latency: 1 ms
D. Primary to witness site RTT latency: 75 msSecondary to witness site RTT latency: 150
msPrimary to secondary site RTT latency: 5 ms
Answer: A
In most vSAN Stretched Cluster configurations, latency or RTT (Round Trip Time)
between sites hosting VM objects
and the witness nodes should not be greater than 200msec (100msec one-way).
27.Which step of the VxRail Initialization wizard may time out if the user does not
proceed to the next step within 20 minutes?
A. Build complete screen
B. Review expected nodes list
C. Review and validate
D. Configuration of the VxRail Manager IP address
Answer: C
28.What is a requirement for Top of Rack (ToR) switch VxRail node ports?
A. Enable Spanning Tree
B. Disable IGMP Snooping
C. Enable IGMP Querier
D. Disable Link Aggregation
Answer: D
29.Which vSAN features are specific to an all-flash model VxRail?
A. Erasure Coding and Stretch Clustering
B. Thin Swap Objects and Stretch Clustering
C. Deduplication/Compression and Thin Swap Objects
D. Deduplication/Compression and Erasure Coding
Answer: D
30.To investigate a problem on a VxRail system, the onsite engineer has to collect the
complete set of logs.
Which method will collect all logs at once?
A. Download https://:443/appliance /support-bundle
B. Export vCenter system logs
C. Run/mystic/generateFullLogBundlecommand in VxRail Manager CLI
D. Click “Generate New Log Bundle” in the VxRail Manager GUI
Answer: B
31.What is the maximum number of hosts supported in a VxRail Stretched Cluster?
A. 15
B. 16
C. 31
D. 32
Answer: C
32.Where can the latest VxRail Pre-Installation Site Checklist be obtained for a new
A. Service offering index
B. VxRail Master Knowledge Base article
C. SolVe
D. EMC Support VxRail
Answer: D
33.Which VxRail node type supports only hybrid storage?
A. S Series
B. E Series
C. G Series
D. V Series
Answer: A
34.Which software component is an optional add-on for VxRail?
A. Dell EMC Secure Remote Support
B. VMware vRealize Log Insight
C. VMware vSAN
D. VMware vRealize Operations
Answer: D
Day-to-day, all virtualization management is done within the familiar vCenter Server
interface. Additional IT and Cloud
automation can be provided with optional software like VMware’s vRealize Operations
and vRealize Automation
allowing you to seamlessly integrate VxRail as the foundation of your data center
35.A company has chosen to deploy an external vCenter/PSC. They would like to use
the bundled vCenter license that comes with VxRail.
What is the correct procedure to do this?
A. Contact EMC Licensing to have a replacement vCenter license generated.Next,
license the newly created vCenter.Last, deploy VxRail with external vCenter.
B. Contact VMware Licensing to have a replacement vCenter license generated.Next,
license the newly created vCenter.Last, deploy VxRail with external vCenter.
C. Log into VxRail Manager through SSH and extract the vCenter license key from the
application properties file.Next, license the newly created vCenter.Last, deploy VxRail
with external vCenter.
D. Bundled vCenter license is only valid when vCenter is internally deployed. The
company must provide their own vCenter license.
Answer: D
36.A workstation is being configured on the management VLAN ( to
connect to VxRail Manager for first time deployment.
Configuring which IP addresses on the workstation will result in a successful deployment
without having to change them during initialization?
A. and
B. and
C. and
D. and
Answer: C
37.The Market Place on a VxRail Manager is empty on a newly deployed system. Testing
shows that the Internet is reachable through proxy in the management network.
Which action should be taken to correct this situation?
A. VxRail Manager has no proxy support.
B. Upgrade tolatest version and add proxy configuration manually.
C. Manually add the proxy information in the VxRail Manager configuration
D. Reset the appliance and redeploy with proxy information filled in the deployment
Answer: B
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