Sage Support Elaborates Steps To Run Scheduled Backups

Sage Support Elaborates Steps To Run Scheduled Backups
Keeping your finances under wraps is difficult but not impossible. If you know how to manage your transactions,
money and investments, you will start to grow. The most important thing is to seek complete data security and
that Sage Accounting application provides that service. It has an automated backup manager, Schedule Manager,
which provides entire backup process. It runs in the background while allowing the user to work on the accounting
software. Sage support helps in using this holistic utility which also manages scheduled backups and check data
results for the companies at a single spot. The application allows the user to create emergency data storage in
multiple locations which helps in securing the finances in a good way.
Steps To Setup Scheduled Backups:
1. Launch the Sage software and login to the account using the credentials.
2. Access the drop down menu by hitting the File tab.
3. Click on Scheduled backup followed by Settings.
4. Now enter the settings as per your requirement:
a. Back up schedule: This allows inserting the number of frequency want to run the back up and
check data functionality.
b. Company name: Here, you can select the companies you want to apply to link with this utility.
c. Sage 50c accounts: the time you store the data into the Microsoft OneDrive directly, you have to
tick on the OneDrive options for the companies you selected.
d. OneDrive email notification: When you setup a transactional data, it is saved into Office 365 file.
Now, you can choose an option to receive email notification everytime “each time a backup
process is completed”.
5. After you select al the Settings as per your requirement, click Save and make the desired changes.
Following the above mentioned steps will solve your issue. In case, you have issues further, you can call at our
Sage Support Number Canada 1-844-888-3870. This is a toll free, so that you can talk to our engineers and
elaborate the concern at ease. Once you have scheduled the backups, can make changes in the Settings later as