Experience the best in Myanmar Tours

Experience the best in Myanmar Tours
Do you desire for an exclusive tour this coming holiday? Myanmar is the eventual for the senses. Whether you’re
planning for a long in-depth or just a short holiday, Myanmar tours create that itinerary designed to suit your needs
and create everlasting memories. Myanmar is an unexplored land that serves up turbulent offerings of forbearance.
It’s a great place with colorful cultures and vibrant traditions, a great land of ancient capitals, golden pagodas, and
diversity of warm and friendly inhabitants, traditional arts and crafts. Visit this place and get the best tour
experience. In this article I am going to take you through some life transforming tour programs that can easily be
customized to suit your schedule, preference, interests and budget.
Myanmar travel takes care of every individual having in mind that everyone is unique and may need unique travel
style. The travel consultants are ready all the times to help you design tour package of your choice. Why choose
Myanmar tours? There are so many reasons that makesMyanmar the best against all the competitors.
You’ll experience the best tour and you’re the boss to dictate what you want, here you have a strong voice and we
work with your schedule. Here is brief tour guide just to increase your appetite and show you in brief what to
expect, remember this is just a glimpse of what to expect. When you arrive in Yangon, you’ll be welcomed by tour
guide and taken to the hotel for check-in. You’ll enjoy tour and drive as you have a great exploration of the city
center and its tremendous mix of the amazing architecture and great sites.
You'll enjoy exploring the streets that are filled with magnificent historical buildings not found anywhere. You start
enjoying from post office and through the Strand Hotel, independent monument and to Mahabandoola garden.
You’ll then visit the renownChaukHtatKyi home. Stop to see that beautiful statue curved with traditional symbols
where you’ll find the residence gathering in order to pay homage and to pray.
Again stop for some photos at Karaweik Hall and much more. In this place.The second day at Bagan. You’ll take a
flight in the morning to Bagan where you’ll explore the local market together with the amazing architectural
masterpiece. Visit the Lacquerware workshop to watch men and beautiful women playing their crafts in traditional
methods and in the afternoon have a look at beautiful sunset as you sit on top of the temple.
Myanmar tours normally takes eleven days and it will leave you thinking that you’ve hada year tour because you
shall have visited so many places and have a chance to watch and explore a lot of things and places. On the twelfth
day, you will take a departure flight at Yangon. You can always visit again and again.