conspiracy on the part of the lake forest hospital to cover up a sexual assault

conspiracy on the part of the lake forest hospital to cover up a sexual assault
on july 18th i visited the emergency room as records will show
while still in excruciating pain nine days pass…
on july 27th i sent an email to [email protected] where i stated:
“i do not think the sexual examination was necessary”
later that day…
on july 27th, paulus attempting to do damage control, attempts to
silence my sexual assault complaint:
“Finally, in order for me to more fully address your concerns,
I am asking that you direct all future communications to me, alone.”
phone records will show i had numerous phone conversations with paulus
and [email protected]
twenty days pass from the time my email complaint was made to lmeller
on august 15th before 2:35pm paulus calls schloemer to tell him that
he does not believe an assault had taken place
schloemer in a fit of rage tells paulus that a mass email is about to
be sent to the entire community of lake forest
on august 15th at 2:35pm i sent out my public awareness mass email
“sexual assault in the lake forest hospital emergency room”
a few hours later…
on august 15th at 5:27pm paulus informs schloemer that a
“police report” has been filed
records plainly show that paulus and lmeller waited twenty days
before contacting police; from the time they were notified of a
possible sexual assault
records plainly show that paulus and lmeller did not bother to
contact the police until it was absolutely impossible to avoid
doing so.
medical professionals are required by state law to report
sexual assaults, which lake forest did not do until after my
mass email… a full twenty days after my initial complaint
unfortunately the political power broker so lake forest are
more concerned about their reputation than the children who
live in lake forest
the general population of lake forest which i find to be quite
lovely is not being protected by the political power brokers of
lake forest.
so i make a complaint to the lake forest police, and now they are
attempting to have me committed, which ofcourse they will not
be successful in doing, because i have broken no laws.
however that did not prevent detective wendy dumont from
calling my own father and asking him to join forces with her
in having “a guardian appointed over me” which is nothing
short of an attempt to have me committed, where upon i would
not have the choice to refuse hospital care which would simply
result in more coerced sexual assaults of my person
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2016, 6:18:46 PM CDT
Subject: conspiracy on the part of the lake forest hospital to cover up a sexual assault
this email was sent to various law enforcement agencies
-jay schloemer