Reset All-In-One Default Settings with Lexmark Printer Support

Reset All-In-One Default Settings with Lexmark Printer Support
When you are planning to derive maximum benefits of your printer then it is necessary to work the
machine properly. Lexmark is one of the leading choices of users for getting high-quality prints, scan, and
copied documents.
To make the factory default settings for copy menu, scan menu and photo menu in your printer, do the
1. Turn on your Lexmark printer and press the Mode button until the light is visible of the menu that
you wish to reset comes on.
2. Now, press the Menu button and using up or down arrows, go to Defaults option and then enter
into the Restore Defaults.
Once this is done to reset the Lexmark 4300 Series Center, follow these steps:
1. Open the Lexmark 4300 Series Center. To reset the Scan settings:
 Select the Scan tab, and then click Defaults option.
 Go to Preview/Edit to reset the Scan dialog.
 Select the Adjustments tab and then click Defaults.
2. To reset the Copy Settings:
 Go to Copy tab and then select Defaults.
 Thereafter, Click Preview/Edit to reset the Copy Dialog.
 Click Adjustments tab and then select Defaults.
3. To reset the Print dialog, follow these guidelines:
 Open the software application of Lexmark.
 Go to File tab and then choose Print from the drop-down results.
 From presets, click Standard. The settings in the Print dialog will be set to factory default
Now, your printer will properly. If the users are facing some issues in their printing machine, or while
printing then, without any hesitation, reach our experts to discuss the matter and to avail its proper
solution. Every problem needs to be fixed on time; otherwise it increases and becomes hard to tackle.
Call us at Lexmark Printer Technical Support Number so that we can handle your affairs properly and
can make you comfortable with our services. We have experts to resolve every problem related to prints
and printer.