How to Set AVG Cleaner in Android?

How to Set AVG Cleaner in Android?
Anti-Virus Guard is software designed to fulfill the next generation cyber-security
needs. The company provides various services including the internet security and
personal privacy. AVG Cleaner is also a part of their services. It helps to reduce the
extra weight by cleaning corrupted and useless files from the system and allows it
to work more efficiently. This product is supported by the android and windows
platform both. AVG Support has provided these settings for android where it asks
the user to decide the basis of the recommendation for cleaning and uninstalling.
Following are the selections you can make to personalize AVG cleaner on your
android device.
1. Cleaner Settings
You will need to select the frequency, so that auto-cleaner can work either daily,
weekly or you can also disable it by selecting Never.
2. Color Settings
These settings allow users to set different colors for each file in the list according
to their size, code number, date added and also according to their categories such
as different color for app history, battery, messages and calls.
3. Battery Settings
Enable Battery Notification-It allows you to see battery notification and if we have
enabled it, you can see the remaining battery and other battery profiles in the
notification section.
Enable Charger connection notification- It sends you a message every time when
you plug or unplug the charger, so you become sure that your phone is actually
4. Uninstaller Settings
The uninstaller works as an Advisor that recommends useless or malicious apps
either by the Size or by the Unused Frequency that it will suggest uninstalling.
This is how you can set AVG Cleaner app on an android platform. You are given
choice to set these according to your preferences. If there are problems in your
AVG and it is not responding according to your settings, you can take help from
the AVG antivirus support Canada helpline number 1-855-253-4222 and talk to
the technicians, who are available all days and in all platforms. You can call, send
an email or also connect with them through live chat.
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