How Can I Print Blank Checks With QuickBooks

How Can I Print Blank Checks
With QuickBooks?
Accounting software is used by mostly accountant and bookkeepers in
every business to save the time as well as to avoid silly mistakes.
QuickBooks is one of the ideal software which has good demand in the
market due to its amazing features. It is used to make work simpler and
of course to save the precious time.
If you are an existing user of QB and want to know how
to print blank checks with it, follow the given steps:
 First, you have to add blank check-printing paper to your printing
machine. Also, make sure to enter the fresh paper in a correct
manner and determine what side of the page will come up or
down to print the checks correctly.
 Please confirm the amount of ink present in the toner to make
sure that the printer can print enough pages.
 Now, open QuickBooks software on your system and wait few
seconds to load its dashboard.
 Go to File tab in the top-left corner and then click on Print Forms.
 Once this is done, go to Checks option. A Window will appear on
the screen with a list from which you have to select the checks
which you want to print.
 Select a bank account from which money will be withdrawn and
the checks which you wish to print. QuickBooks records the checks
according to details you have entered in the software.
 Now, type the check number in the column of “First Check
Number” box. Click OK button after doing this.
 Once this is done, select the printer in the next screen, if you’ve
more than one printer connected to the computer. The default
printers will printout according to the command.
 Select a check style from Standard, Wallet or Voucher.
 Go to Print option to send the job to the printer from QuickBooks
QuickBooks largely used by accountants and bookkeepers to do the
accounts work more accurately without any mistake. Not only this,
people use QB to manage expenses, to generate invoices, make records
of employees performance, employee payroll and other related work to
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