Car Broker New York

Car Broker New York
A Massive Range of Vehicle and Payment
At Car Broker New York, our
experts are always on the lookout for cars,
trucks, SUVs, vans and crossovers that are
well-maintained and allow us to provide you
with fantastic value. We carry vehicles new
and used in nearly every style, brand, price.
We also know that the modern car
leasing customer is savvy enough to look for
flexible and fair payment options. Because we
work online and form essential partnerships
with top organizations, we can offer flexibility
to fit any budget or lifestyle.
Pricing and payment options include:
• Two- or three-year leases, as well as the ability to carry over
months on unexpired leases.
• Poor credit financing options.
• Buy out capabilities after your lease expires.
• The ability to work with our consultants to assure you the
best deal
• Early exits available on certain leases.
The Lowest Auto Lease Prices Anywhere
Flexibility and options are great,
but they don’t mean much if the auto lease
prices don’t follow suit. By structuring our
business efficiently and cutting out the
excess, we’ve been able to lower prices to
levels you won’t find with any traditional brick
and mortar leasing broker.
Here’s how we get our leasing prices so low:
• We have no real estate bills to make up for.
• We partner with unions and corporations to secure you
• We price-match on every vehicle we lease.
• We bring shopping and financing together online.
• We find and pass special deals on to you.
• We never have hidden fees.
• We deliver for free to your door, always.
Ten Reasons People Love Car Broker New
• Our more than 85 years of combined experience
• 900+ 5-star, accreditable reviews
• One-stop-shop processing for all car models
• We’re available 24/7
• Hassle-free honest transactions
• We have service appointments and loaner cars
• We keep your car new with unbeatable protection plans
• Bring us any and all trade-ins no matter what
• We commit to top-notch service
• We’ll follow up to make sure you love your car
Personalized Service at Every Turn
From simple questions to full step-by-step assistance, our team of professionals with more
than 80 years of experience is here to guide you through the process of finding, leasing and insuring your
next vehicle online. We can even help with additional services like:
•Getting a trade-in appraisal before finalizing your lease agreement
•Selling your car outright — even if you don’t lease from Car Broker New York
•Buying used cars in New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Pennsylvania, Staten Island, and Florida
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